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We have the power to change our course, we are the authors & creators of our next chapter. 


hello & welcome to

This is a space where we grow & evolve together. With me as your guide, mentor, transformation coach & accountability partner, we get to work together as you step into this next chapter of your life with confidence & power.

You have the ability to let go of what has held you back & create new patterns that serve you & project you to new levels.

Expect straight talk, no bullshit & humor!

"visualize your highest self & start showing up as her."

Oprah Winfrey

White Sand and Stone

I am

Life Coach &  Collaborator

Life Coach, Independent Consultant, Personal style consultant/fundi, Mom of three, Ways-hower, Friend, Wife, Partner & at this point in the game, a Conscious Ager.

You are welcome here, this is a space where there is no judgement, so get comfortable & let's connect.

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"Hi Sam


You are a breath of fresh air and from my experience, is that you have a way to make others feel at ease, accepted and that it is a "no judgement" zone. Your authenticity, transparency and vulnerability creates a safe space for others to feel free to be REAL and to just be themselves. 


As women, we need more cheerleaders in this world and we need more women like you who celebrate one another's successes. Building up others, encouraging, inspiring, reminding women of their worth, their value, bringing perspective and helping them be all they can be, that's you Sam! Your passion to help and inspire other women is a rare and beautiful gift you have inside that needs to be shared with many.


Thank you for helping me redefine and realign my personal goals, bringing clarity in certain areas, fresh perspective, holding me accountable, awakening gifts that I had buried and to dream again! Thank you.

Keep shining your bright light and igniting the spark in others enabling them to shine too:)"

 - Vanessa Grebe

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