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Are you looking for a social media template solution?

Look no further. 

These templates allow you to upload your own logo,  add your own text, upload images photos and quickly download and post on your social media platforms. Create  social media posts in minutes with these 10 different post solutions.

This bundle is perfect  &  cohesive branding & will increase engagement, as well as your following!

The best part? You can completely edit and customize them yourself.

Upload your logo, change the colors, text and more to reflect your own real estate brand.

These templates are adjustable in Canva, a completely free program that makes it easy to edit and download in any format you might need.


Once downloaded, you can also edit the templates with the Canva mobile app. 

How it Works
Once payment is confirmed, you can download your document with instructions (that include link to your templates) to edit and download.
ALL templates are COMPLETELY customizable through the FREE program Canva. All you have do, is create your  free Canva account and edit your Facebook post templates!



If you are using the free version, you have access to free images & graphics. You can upload your own home & estate agency images into these templates. 

Drag & drop solutions just for you!

What you will receive?
x10 Social Media Facebook Post Templates

Who are these templates for?
If you are looking for a template that is as easy as drag & drop, then look no further!

Real Estate - Navy & Brown - Instagram template