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so that they can debunk limiting beliefs, move through crisis & doubt & live a life that is filled with authenticity, intention & purpose.

Three Women

self discovery program-  one on one coaching 

4 week Self Discovery Coaching Program

You have probably read all the self help books, tried all the diets & trying to avoid those uncomfortable conversations.

These are all ways we try to free ourselves from worry, stress, and sleeplessness or anxiety, but for some reason, they just don't stick & we tend to fall back into old patterns.

Sound familiar?

Are you seeking lasting ways to truly do the self discovery work, to evolve & grow as you heal your body, mind, & emotions as you improve your relationship with the world around you and those you love?

Then the Self Discovery One on One, 4 week coaching program is for you!

I’ve designed this program to give you:

●     A beautiful experience that will move you through crisis & doubt & lead you towards clarity & focus.

●     Techniques for releasing pressure and anxiety.

●     Letting go of what has held you back & the confidence to take action.

During the 4 sessions, you’ll learn more about yourself, what you want out of life & an action plan, designed by YOU to make it happen.

This program is divided into 4 sessions, with each session lasting between 60 - 75mins

Where: Durbanville, Cape Town

Online: Available

Kind Words

We all want to feel seen, heard & validated. We want to know that our lives matter, that we matter. What better way than a few kind words. Thank You!

"Hi Sam


You are a breath of fresh air and from my experience, is that you have a way to make others feel at ease, accepted and that it is a "no judgement" zone. Your authenticity, transparency and vulnerability creates a safe space for others to feel free to be REAL and to just be themselves. 


As women, we need more cheerleaders in this world and we need more women like you who celebrate one another's successes. Building up others, encouraging, inspiring, reminding women of their worth, their value, bringing perspective and helping them be all they can be, that's you Sam! Your passion to help and inspire other women is a rare and beautiful gift you have inside that needs to be shared with many.


Thank you for helping me redefine and realign my personal goals, bringing clarity in certain areas, fresh perspective, holding me accountable, awakening gifts that I had buried and to dream again! Thank you.

Keep shining your bright light and igniting the spark in others enabling them to shine too:)"

"I am really grateful to have done" the Unshakeable Life " course.
Sam is an amazing woman and her knowledge, training and life experiences have really helped me change me life. In the 6 weeks I have seen an difference in woman I am. The tools she has given are so helpful for the rest of my life. I have become so much more aware of myself and the people around me.
Sam is fun, intelligent, warm, caring, super positive and is so encouraging. She really is committed to helping women be the best they can be in their lives.
This has been one of my best decisions I have made to do this course."

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