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so that they can debunk limiting beliefs, move through crisis & doubt & live a life that is filled with authenticity, intention & purpose.

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self mastery masterclass 

Full Day intensive event

During this 5-hour group setting Masterclass, you will delve deep into your old story, learn new ways of thinking & I share with you some of my top tips, tools & tricks to get your momentum going.


I know, you might want to say to me:

But Sam, if only my body was smaller or if I look a certain way, I will be more confident, or I will have clarity.

But Sam, if only I could feel less guilty or earn enough money, then I will have it figured out.

But Sam, if only I met the right man, he will be my saviour.

That way of thinking keeps you stuck or lost & you feel like "I have tried everything & nothing works"

Sound familiar?

First off, no one is coming to save you.  (Read that again)

You are the creator & writer of your own story & each day is a new opportunity for you to write the next chapter, the next page.

In this Masterclass, we start the story writing process.

I’ve designed this Masterclass for you,  you will:

●     Gain clarity & focus in your life.

●     Techniques for releasing pressure and anxiety.

●     Understand your full identity. (I even share with you some fashion styling tips & how that taps into our identity)

●     Let go of what has held you back & the confidence to take action.

●     Build momentum & grow your confidence​

●     You will receive a full workbook that you get to work out of, filled with wisdom.​

5 hour in person Masterclass

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